Gaëlle Chéruy-Pottiau is the new Chief Service Officer of Agdatahub

Published on 19.03.2021

The French company Agdatahub, that operates consent and exchange platforms for the agricultural industry, has beefed up its consulting services with the arrival of Gaëlle Chéruy-Pottiau, an experienced director.

Gaëlle Chéruy-Pottiau, from Lyon, joined the Agdatahub team on March the 1st. Her scope of intervention will be the consulting activity, particularly around the major topics of data standardization and interoperability of platforms at the European level.

I have arrived to support the deployment of agricultural standards, in line with what I was doing at Agro EDI Europe.” Indeed, Agdatahub’s new chief service officer comes straight from this association, which she joined in 2001 and of which she was the very first employee. Since 2006, Gaëlle Chéruy-Pottiau was the deputy general delegate. She worked on the promotion and development of digital exchanges in the agricultural and agri-food sector.

Serving the digital transformation of agricultural industries

Gaëlle Chéruy-Potti, whose motto is “There is no problem without a solution”, will provide her expertise to agricultural players wishing to develop projects related to digital data: project management and steering, support for structuring and developing agricultural data, and technical and contractual support.

Gaëlle Chéruy-Pottiau will put her project management skills to work for the digital transformation of players in the agricultural sector. “I have experience in message standardization projects and project management related to data exchanges in the agricultural sector,” summarizes Agdatahub’s new consulting director.

Facilitating use cases for the Numagri project

With the objective of developing a common language (a project supported by the Numagri association and for which Agdatahub is the technical operator), Gaëlle Chéruy-Pottiau will contribute to the emergence and animation of use cases initiated by the interprofessions and by the actors of the voluntary sectors.

Specialist of the questions of standardization for the purposes of interoperability of the platforms and the portability of the data, Gaëlle Chéruy-Pottiau will represent Agdatahub near the various French and international organizations of which the company is member: GS1 France, Agro EDI Europe, AgGateway, Icar and UNCEFACT.

Standardization Numagri

Gaëlle Chéruy-Pottiau has just been appointed “co-domain coordinator Agriculture, Fisheries and Agri-food” at UNCEFACT (United Nations Centre for Standardization and Facilitation of e-Business).


She will also follow the European Horizon 2020 research projects in which Agdatahub participates:

  • Invite: to promote the introduction of new varieties in Europe
  • TechCare: developing technologies to improve welfare in small ruminant farming
  • SmartAgriHubs: accelerating the digital transformation of the European agri-food sector

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