Agricultural consent managers,
what for and how?

Each use has its own consent! Designed to centralize the agreements of farmers and breeders to the use of their data, the consent managers prescribed by Agdatahub meet the needs of the players in the agricultural sector: industries and software publishers.

Consent managers, what are they for?

Secure exchanges

The verification and authentication of consents reinforces transparency on the use of agricultural data. In order to secure these consents, exchanges are made via HTTPS and the OAuth protocol is used for authentication.

Anticipating regulatory changes

Future European regulations (the Data Governance Act to be applied from 2023 and the Data Act from 2025) will change the way non-personal data is used. Using a consent manager will allow you, as a player in the agricultural sector, to anticipate these changes.

Notarize your digital relationships with agricultural producers

The use of a consent manager allows you to verify that the legal person registering a consent is the one for whom the consent is given. It also allows you to ensure the legal value of the consents collected.

Building confidence
Consent managers are improving transparency on the provenance of agricultural data. This responds to the increasing demands of both farmers and consumers of the final products.

Ready to secure, exchange and enhance agricultural data?