Centralize consents with our router

The consent router proposed by Agdatahub allows for the channeling of consents between farmers and their beneficiaries. It thus constitutes a unique and personalized access point for each user. Based on the results of the Multipass project carried out by the Agricultural Technical Institutes (Acta) and funded by the Casdar, it interfaces with your digital tools.

Consent router, what is it for?

Centralize all consents

Do you offer digital agricultural services and need to share data? The router allows you to check whether the necessary consent to provide data exists, without needing to know which consent manager is used. Thanks to this, you are in compliance with the European regulation on non-personal data.

Secure exchanges

The verification and authentication of consents reinforces the transparency of use. As consent is by nature sensitive data that needs to be secured, exchanges are made via HTTPS. The OAuth protocol is used for authentication.

Making life easier for farmers

On the farmers' side, Agdatahub offers a free and complementary portal that allows them to view all their consents in a secure space, regardless of the consent manager used.

Consent router: advanced features

Verification of the existence of consents on a defined perimeter

Recovery of consents by the beneficiary

Management of user rights according to their profile

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Ready to secure, exchange and enhance agricultural data?