Diversity as an innovation accelerator

Cooperatives, traders, dealers, chambers of agriculture, technical institutes, ETAs, CUMAs, agricultural advisors, veterinarians, inseminators... you are at the heart of the sectors, in the field, and you have a precise understanding of the needs of the various players.

With our Agritrust and API-Agro solutions and our Capdata support offer, make the most of agricultural data to provide your customers with relevant services, participate fully in market confidence via the development of the digital identity of farms and enhance the value of your data sets and APIs.

Ready to secure, exchange and enhance agricultural data?

Agritrust, building a space of trust together
ensemble un espace de confiance

Our consent modules comply with the principles of the Data-Agri Charter initiated by the FNSEA and the Jeunes Agriculteurs and the European code of conduct for the exchange of agricultural data of COPA-COGECA.

For you, actors in the agricultural sector, the use of a consent manager such as Agdatahub allows you to verify that the legal person who registers a consent corresponds to the one for whom the consent is given, while ensuring the legal value of the consent.

Moreover, by using the Agritrust consent router, you can interface directly and simply with our API-Agro platform and thus secure the exchanges around your datasets or APIs while developing the confidence of all actors.

API-Agro, fertilize your innovations

Do you want to access useful information, enhance your know-how or develop new services? The data made available on the API-Agro multi-sector agricultural data exchange platform is a valuable resource for cultivating the agricultural applications of tomorrow.
Beyond the open catalogue of raw or aggregated data accessible on API-Agro, Agdatahub assists you in their acquisition and advises you on the expectations of the actors of the agricultural sector in order to design innovative solutions.

Capdata, grow your industry projects

Although the digital revolution in agriculture has been underway for several years, the potential of agricultural data is still far from being exploited as it could be. This is why we have developed the Capdata service and support offer. Both competent in agricultural and digital issues, our team provides you with the benefit of its expertise to carry out your projects related to agricultural data. Data standardization with Numagri, compliance with best practices or European regulations on data...

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Ready to secure, exchange and enhance agricultural data?