Build trust with farmers

As part of the modernisation of its ruminant information system, the Confédération Nationale de l'Élevage (CNE) has chosen our EXCHANGE service. Interfaced with a third-party consent manager, our ruminant sector platform guarantees that farmers' consent is respected in all data exchanges.

Circulate breeding data

The new genetic information system desired by the Confédération Nationale de l'Élevage aims first and foremost to meet the genetic challenges of tomorrow. However, the improvements brought about by the new data exchange and consent management functionalities are not reserved for the field of genetics but are accessible to all CNE families.

In fact, our ruminant industry platform will facilitate the exchange or supervised provision of data, guarantee the consistency of genetic data and be a source of consolidated data available for calculating genetic values and future research.

The new information system designed by the CNE combines a central professional database called "Base Pro", with an interface to the State's National Zootechnical Database, our data exchange system and a consent management system.

API-Agro filière ruminants
API-Agro filière ruminants 2

Secure the exchange of livestock data

Our platform dedicated to the beef and small ruminants sector guarantees secure data exchanges with parameters set for each sector. This exchange space, adapted from the EXCHANGE service (multi-sector), has been specially developed to best serve the interests of livestock farmers and the various players in the livestock sector. Data is released if, and only if, the corresponding consents (beneficiary, type and family of data, uses and period) are properly recorded and validated.

Simplify the use of livestock data

The ruminant industry platform has been designed to provide optimum operational flexibility. This data exchange platform is configured by functional area, under the responsibility of a key player in the business, in order to create a trusted ecosystem. Each domain offers a catalogue of webservices and APIs for direct access to databases. Access to a system is based on the needs defined by the domain to which it belongs, and data is called up via a direct interface with the databases. The ruminant industry platform enables farmers' data exchanges to be industrialised and automated at controlled cost.

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Build trust with farmers

The ruminant sector platform provides a secure framework for data exchanges and acts as a trusted third party, independently of the players involved, with systematic verification of consent. It has been developed in close collaboration with the CNE to guarantee the interests of all professionals in the sector, but also to comply with future European regulations, such as the Data Governance Act, which extends the RGPD for non-personal data.

Benefit from a reliable, accessible system adapted to your needs

This exchange system, developed for the cattle and small ruminants sector, is based on a secure, high-availability infrastructure using a French cloud service and sovereign technology. Our infrastructure offers a wide range of functions to meet all your data exchange needs. Available on a subscription basis and accessible in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, the ruminant industry platform requires no installation or maintenance on your part.

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Exchange your breeding data with trust

The essentials of the ruminant platform

A trusted third party to guarantee secure exchanges between industry players

A private ecosystem organized by functional area

A customizable infrastructure that can be expanded into new areas

An innovative and functional solution accessible by simple subscription 

How do they use our solutions?

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