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Do you have projects related to agricultural data? Our experts provide operational advice and technical support on all subjects related to the use of agricultural data

Supporting the digital transformation of the agricultural world is at the heart of our DNA

Founded by the agricultural sector for the agricultural sector, Agdatahub's mission is to support the players in the agricultural sector in their approach to digital technology in order to master the uses of agricultural data.

This is why, in addition to our consent and data exchange management solutions, Agdatahub works closely with you in the design and initialization phases of your data development. Once the solutions are in place in your organization, we provide you with deliverables and methodological notes to ensure your autonomy and the deployment of your projects.

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Vous voulez déployez la valeur de vos données agricoles ?

Nous trouvons les bons messages pour faire connaître vos offres de données aux meilleures cibles.

Notre expertise et notre connaissance des différents acteurs du monde agricole, de l’aval à l’amont, vous permet gagner en visibilité dans un écosystème dynamique.

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Deployment of your data projects

Do you want to implement a collective project involving new technologies? Do you want to promote your sustainable practices?

Our proposal: to accompany you towards more sustainable and efficient practices, thanks to digital technology.

To do this, we have developed a methodology specially adapted to the needs of the agricultural sector to support them in their data projects.

It is deployed in three stages:

Understanding your needs
Nous vous accompagnons dans l’étape essentielle de l’expression de vos besoins et de la formalisation de votre cas d’usage.
Notre but : élaborer une solution qui vous corresponde à 100% et soit applicable pour vous permettre d’atteindre vos objectifs.

Controlling the agricultural ecosystem
Our company was founded by the agricultural sector so that digital technology could provide concrete answers to specific problems. Our team, which is mainly made up of agricultural engineers and agronomists, is well aware of the current challenges facing the agricultural sector.
Notre entreprise a été fondée par le secteur agricole pour que le numérique apporte des réponses concrètes à des problématiques précises.
Notre équipe, majoritairement constituée d’ingénieurs agricoles et agronomes, mesure de près les enjeux actuels auxquels font face les filières agricoles. 

Technological expertise
We have forged partnerships with leading French technology players. Take advantage of our combined expertise!
Our technology partners :

  • Crystalchain: The French start-up Crystalchain offers innovative traceability solutions based on blockchain.
  • Orange Business Services (OBS): A player in the digital transformation of businesses, OBS relies on its dual expertise as a network operator and digital solutions integrator.
  • ALEIA: ALEIA is an open, industrialized, sovereign and secure platform to build, deploy and operate your artificial intelligence applications.

Don't hesitate to get involved in innovative projects!

Ready to secure, exchange and enhance agricultural data?

Support for Numagri standardization

Do you want to improve the flow of information between the various players in your sector?

Our proposal: within the framework of a contract of objectives and means signed with the Numagri association, which is in charge of a project for the standardization of agricultural data, Agdatahub acts as a coordinator for the players in your sector in order to bring your use cases to a successful conclusion.

The Numagri association is made up of players in the upstream agricultural sector and private and public structures. Its members are working to develop a "common language" for agricultural data. In other words, they are helping to organize and develop the standardization of data, from upstream agriculture through production to initial marketing.

For Numagri, the aim is to promote the creation of value through the development of use cases that meet the expectations of agricultural players, sectors and consumers.

To facilitate the use of agricultural data, we support you in :

  • Formalizing your use case
  • Coordination of the drafting of a standard with the standardization body of your choice (GS1 France, Agro EDI Europe, ICAR, AgGateway...)
  • The implementation of interoperability conditions and the circulation of data from field to plate

The Numagri use cases are partly publicly funded.

Don't wait any longer to get involved in a Numagri use case!

Do you want to build digital trust with your farmer customers?

The Data-Agri label was created by agricultural representatives (Jeunes Agriculteurs and FNSEA). It is awarded, on the basis of a dossier, to companies that provide digital services to farmers and whose General Terms of Use (GTU) meet precise data portability and transparency criteria.

Our proposal: we evaluate your positioning and accompany you in the drafting of the TOS of your digital services, and until the submission of your application, to ensure the success of your application for labelling.

The Data-Agri label is a legal audit procedure: an independent law firm checks the compatibility of your contracts with the Data-Agri charter and certifies it.

The Data-Agri charter is based on 13 main principles, organized around four axes:

  • Readability for the farmer
  • Transparency
  • Control of use by the farmer
  • Security

We support you in your Data-Agri labelling process, in order to gain recognition for your commitment to the development and security of farm data.

Don't wait any longer to get involved in a Data-Agri labelling process!

Set and maintain your data course by involving your teams
en impliquant vos équipes

As part of your subscription to our agricultural data exchange solutions (API-Agro) or consent and agricultural digital identity solutions (Agriconsent), you benefit from a support service for getting to grips with our platforms and training your teams in their use.

In addition to the dedicated resource center (functional documentation, online support, etc.), we help your employees to appropriate our tools, in order to quickly make your subscriptions profitable.

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