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Provision of an Open Data API on the depth of groundwater (Piezometry) on the API-Agro platform


The Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM) is the leading public institution dedicated to geological knowledge. It deploys its expertise in many fields: geology, mineral resources, risks and land use planning, transition, etc.

« Nous produisons des données sur les eaux souterraines, les nappes d’eau et nous faisons des recherches autour de la qualité et la quantité d’eau, mais aussi la gestion de cette ressource en lien avec le changement climatique », énumère Victor Liger, Responsable Innovation au BRGM.

BRGM is responsible for collecting and making available a large amount of data and, as a national public institution, it has considered making them available via a data exchange platform. It chose the API-Agro platform because of its position as the reference platform for the agricultural sector.


"We are usually more in touch with local authorities and industry," notes Victor Liger. However, with the current issues surrounding water resources that farmers are facing, it is clear that BRGM has a role to play in providing valuable data to the agricultural sector.

Its presence on API-Agro since December 2021 therefore meets three objectives:

  1. Better ensure its role as a provider of open and public data to new actors who will make good use of it
  2. Improve its reputation and thus connect to innovative ecosystems such as that of AgriTech start-ups
  3. Develop specific use cases to enhance the value of data produced by BRGM

For the moment, only one Open Data offer and only one theme is visible in the API-Agro catalogue. But the BRGM is working on formalising others, mainly on water.
"The API-Agro platform meets our dissemination challenge but also acts as a lever to produce specific datasets that are not completely open data.".

Features of the API-Agro platform used

    As a collector and manager of open and public data, BRGM publishes its API on groundwater depth (Piezometry) under an Open Data licence. This means that the data are visible from the catalogue accessible to all subscribers of the API-Agro platform.
    With this functionality, BRGM provides users with an API-based data offer. Users subscribe to it and can request it according to their needs.

    In addition to its thematic page on «Groundwater management and the ADES database», BRGM plans to position itself on other subjects. These thematic pages allow purchasers to formulate their specific needs directly to a provider, to which new data sets should respond.

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