Education and research as the backbone
of agricultural innovation

You are a research institute, a university, an agricultural college... you anticipate the needs of tomorrow's agriculture. Agricultural data is therefore a major challenge for you: you collect or generate a wide variety of qualified data and you also work on the data to derive knowledge and prepare future innovations for agricultural producers.

In this respect, the education and research sector must be a driving force and an example. With our consent modules Agritrust and our data exchange platform API-Agro, the circulation of agricultural data is secured and simplified.

Ready to secure, exchange and enhance agricultural data?

Agritrust, for secure data exchange

Deployed throughout the country, research institutes and agricultural education establishments are real players in the field. They have access to data, which they use or circulate. It is therefore important that the source of this data be clearly identified and that the consent of farmers and breeders, from whose farms this data originates, be clearly expressed and respected.

API-Agro, to circulate reliable data
des données fiables

Whether for research projects or hackathons, it is useful to be able to access and exchange data. Our API-Agro platform provides a trusted framework to secure these transactions. It is even possible for subscribers to meet in private groups and share files or APIs that are visible only to authorized members.

"API-Agro should allow us to create a virtuous circle by optimizing data resourcing: each contributor would only have to enter their data once so that it is accessible to a multitude of users. And the exposure of our databases on API-Agro allows us to increase our visibility and respond to specific requests to customize the data available."

Edwige Charbonnier

Head of Plant Health Data Development at Acta

Capdata, to put some substance back into your projects

Thanks to its expertise in digital and agriculture, our Capdata team is the right partner to help you put some concreteness and feasibility back into your projects. Do you need to learn about current trends or the history of digital technology in agriculture? Contact us.

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Ready to secure, exchange and enhance agricultural data?