Data brings producers and consumers together

As a food manufacturer, trader, wholesaler or retailer, you need production data. They are useful to better manage your activities and bring added value to the products you put on the market.

Our Agritrust and API-Agro solutions address your issues of consent and data exchange. Simplify your access to production data! Thus, you will bring more transparency to consumers and be the perfect link between consumers and agricultural producers.

Ready to secure, exchange and enhance agricultural data?

With Agritrust, improved traceability

The Agritrust consent modules, which are based on the agricultural digital identity, have been developed to ensure that the person entering the data from a farm is responsible for it. The aim is to reduce the risk of fraud and, thanks to the blockchain, to guarantee the reliability and traceability of data. Finally, Agriconsent provides a framework of trust for agricultural commodity data.

API-Agro, the production data hub

Thanks to our agricultural data exchange platform API-Agro, you can access the data on agricultural practices that you need. You will also find territorial data and reference indicators. These are essential resources for a successful quality approach.

With Capdata, data from the ground to the table
de la terre à la table

Our Capdata service offer has been designed to support agri-food players in their projects related to agricultural data, taking into account their specificity. Our methodology has been specially developed to bring together all the players in a sector around an ambition and help them work together in the general interest.

How do they use our solutions?

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Ready to secure, exchange and enhance agricultural data?