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The Capdata service is based on three offers:

  • L’accompagnement à la labellisation Data-Agri
  • L’accompagnement Projet Data
  • Numagri Standardization



Optimise logistics in the cereal sector

Agdatahub Solution

Supporting actors to structure their data sharing with a view to collective valorisation


  • Anticipate future tensions on availability and visualise the critical points of logistics flows in France f rom the collection silos to the industrial customer or port silo
  • Make the flow data transmitted by each link reliable and available, while respecting commercial competition and the sensitivity of the information
  • Mutualise the massification of information flows for the cereal sector, to be cross-referenced with information on the infrastructures used (river, road and rail transport)
  • Work on the «bulk logistics» issue of the cereal sector, which can be shared with other sectors (oilseeds, aggregates, etc.)


  • Mapping existing flows (cereals) focusing on 1 of the 3 French strategic logistics axes
  • Prototype constrained optimisation algorithms for flow improvements and inf rastructure requirements modelling algorithms
  • Prototype algorithms to help reduce financial and carbon costs through data massification
  • Define the functional specifications of a target technological platform in production accessible in SaaS mode (without initial investment)

Status of implementation

  • Step 1 carried out in connection with the COESIO project led by Intercéréales
  • Identification of stakeholders’ needs and adjustment of the deliverable creation of a «prototype» committee according to needs - creation of a of experts with operators
  • Delivery of a prototype for the cartographic visualisation of individual flows by actor and collective in the Seine Normandy basin using «cold» data

IN PROGRESS: Operational deployment (excluding Numagri) f rom February 2023 (duration 6-8 months)