Agdatahub is one of the lighthouse projects of Gaia-X

The Gaia-X initiative responds to a massive demand for safe, secure and sovereign data across Europe and agriculture is one of the priority topics.

Published on 01.02.2022

As a company committed to Europe’s digital and food sovereignty, Agdatahub has been developing technological solutions that guarantee the control of agricultural data uses for the past 3 years.

The company already operates a technological platform dedicated to the agricultural sector. As such, it has been selected as one of the lighthouse projects of Gaia-X in the framework of the deployment of the agricultural data space on European level.

This is the culmination of two years of work to enable farmers to regain control of their data and to be at the centre of a virtuous circle of value creation,” says Sébastien Picardat, CEO of Agdatahub. “We are proud to have been able to build an ecosystem of leading technology partners, which are putting their expertise at the service of the agricultural world under their new brand #actforagridata.”

Digital identity, consent and data exchange

The Gaia-X association has chosen Agriconsent the digital identity solution and the API-Agro data exchange platform of Agdatahub to be part of its European lighthouse projects.
Developed in co-innovation with Orange Business Services and IN Groupe (ex-Groupe Imprimerie Nationale), Agriconsent, the digital identity solution for farms, is based on the Blockchain and the Orange public cloud.
It will be able to equip Europe’s 10 million farms in order to simplify and secure exchanges between farmers and service providers, initially by managing consents prior to any data exchange.

As for the API-Agro multi-sector data exchange platform, based on the technology of the Lyon-based company Dawex, it has been deployed to connect issuers and purchasers of qualified agricultural data, offered in the form of files or APIs.
The aim? To facilitate and secure data exchanges in order to support innovation in the agricultural sector and accelerate the agri-environmental transition for the benefit of farmers and consumers.

Agdatahub, Day-One member of Gaia-X

Born from a Franco-German initiative, Gaia-X is today an international association of which Agdatahub is Day-One Member and which has placed agriculture among the seven priority economic sectors. Gaia-X’s ambition is to contribute to the emergence of European sectoral data spaces, built around the values of trust, security, sovereignty and interoperability. Agdatahub will participate in the emergence of a network of interoperable platforms dedicated to the agricultural sector and present in all Member States within Gaia-X.

Agdatahub is also a member of the French Hub of Gaia-X.

At 1:51, Sébastien Picardat, CEO of Agdatahub, presents the progress of the Agriculture working group.

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