Agdatahub raises €2.5 million in equity capital from API-Agro SAS and Banque des Territoires

Published on 04.11.2020

Only a few months after its official launch at the Salon de l’agriculture 2020, Agdatahub is accelerating.

With a €2.5 million financing package raised from API-Agro SAS (and its historical shareholders, all from the agricultural sector) and Banque des Territoires, the company will be able to develop its platform for exchanging and enhancing agricultural data.

Download the press release (PDF)

Agdatahub SAS (a subsidiary of API-Agro SAS) has been created to operate and market the technological platform that was previously supported by its parent company. The Agdatahub project aims to give back the hand to all the actors of the agricultural value chain, on the digital data produced every day on farms and in all the sector’s businesses, “from farm to table”. The beneficiaries of this improved management and transparency of agricultural data are many: from professionals (farmers, players in the various sectors) to consumers in France and Europe.

Responding to the dual challenge of digital and food sovereignty


Sébastien Windsor.

The current health crisis places agriculture at the heart of Europe’s food sovereignty. With the strategic support of sovereign digital technologies, piloted and designed by and for French and European farmers, we have the means to match our ambitions to these challenges,” says Sébastien Windsor, Chairman of Agdatahub SAS and himself a farmer in Normandy.



For Sébastien Picardat, CEO of Agdatahub, the roadmap is clear: “With Agdatahub, we are putting current and future uses of agricultural data into perspective“.