Agdatahub solutions secure the use of data for farmers

Published on 29.09.2020

For six years with the API-Agro project, Agdatahub has been bringing together the agricultural world with nearly 30 organizations ranging from applied research to professional organizations, from technical agricultural institutes (Acta) and chambers of agriculture to private companies and public bodies (such as Geves, the Group for the Study and Control of Varieties and Seeds) .
Why do they support us? Quite simply because the agricultural sector is a very attractive breeding ground for data: there are 22 million farms in Europe. Imagine how much data is produced there every day! These are precious resources that Gafam (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft) and BATX (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi) could grab and exploit without the farmers’ knowledge if we don’t act.

#ActForAgriData: our commitments with our partners

This is why Agdatahub is working to implement solutions that will make data sovereignty a daily reality for French and European agricultural producers.
In line with the “EU Code of conduct on agricultural data sharing by contractual agreement, the Copa” (European Agricultural Union) and its French version of the Data-Agri charter, we believe that data sovereignty must provide the people concerned with the rights, tools and skills that will enable them to maintain total control over their data.

Our action is based on four pillars, aligned with the European Gaia-X initiative.

Innovation: Easy and secure access to agricultural data stimulates the innovative spirit of industrial and digital players. This should enable them to anticipate, forecast and transform risks into opportunities.
The community: All the links in the agricultural value chain, on a European scale, must act collectively in favor of the development of tools that facilitate the supply, sharing, exchange and interconnection of data in an open ecosystem.
European sovereignty: It is essential to ensure equitable access to data for all players in the European agricultural ecosystem and to support French and European research teams.
Fair governance: If, in the context of the digital transformation of agriculture, each player in the sector must be free to organize, structure and market their data, this freedom must be framed by common rules to standardize, contractualize, mutualize and secure relationships in an environment of trust.
At Agdatahub, we are working to create value at every stage of the agricultural chain by mobilizing the potential of data. All this is done in favor of healthier, traceable and environmentally friendly food, and the emergence of better technical consulting tools for the benefit of agricultural producers.

Our solutions

AgDataExchange: Harnessing the value of agricultural data. The API-Agro exchange platform provides a functional, technical, commercial and legal framework for data exchange between the various stakeholders: upstream industrialists and agricultural producers, agri-food companies, digital agriculture, financial services, professional organizations, the public sector, the education and research sector, and so on. This platform already has more than 800 users, most of them French, using open or private data and APIs. Our technical partner on the API-Agro platform is the French Dawex (Tech Pioneer 2020); it is hosted in France on the 3DS Outscale infrastructure.


Digital identity and consent for farmers: Acting together for the controlled use of agricultural data. A consent router, resulting from the Multipass project, will enable the centralization of consents from digital tools in connection with consent managers. We are working on this subject with the ecosystem of consent managers and Orange Business Services (Orange is a founding member of Gaia-X).


A team of experts to support you in your use cases

Agdatahub offers its expertise in operational consulting to the actors of the agricultural sectors in their data exploitation. We can act as project managers or on project management assistance missions in several fields. Our skills are at the service of accelerating innovation in agriculture.

We are involved in competitiveness clusters (regional or sectoral) and contribute to the acculturation of the development of data platforms.
We support reflection work around data exploitation and presentation through use cases.
We lead shared workshops on key themes: standardization, digital identity, consent, etc.

In the conduct of various projects :

Formalization of your use cases: project management, assistance to the project owner.
Operational consulting and expertise around the structuring and exploitation of agricultural data: information systems architecture, standardization, ontology, etc.
Support and assistance for optimal data exploitation: use of the exchange platform, creation of themes and/or alerts, interactive visualization, etc.
Communication consulting: adapted to data scientists and marketing managers to enhance their data offers.

Some use cases…

Start-up: With Weather Measures, promote access to extremely accurate weather forecasts, up to 9 days of projection.
Local authorities: Use sensors to assess air quality in rural areas, such as the Châlons-en-Champagne Urban Community, and initiate a virtuous circle of agricultural practices.
Public sector: With the IGN, facilitate the daily life of farmers by integrating the Graphical Parcel Registry into new tools.
Farmers and industrialists: Develop new standards for and with them, in partnership with GS1 France.
Livestock farmers: Set up data exchange between the various stakeholders in compliance with the consent of the breeders.
Regulations: Disseminate the standards to the whole ecosystem with the “l’Idéle” (French Institute of Animal Husbandry).