EDITO March 2022 : After the time of reunion, the time of the collective

Published on 15.03.2022

The International Agricultural Show, which brought us all together, closed its doors on 6 March, but the dynamic that it created will continue. With our partners (IoF, Suez, Orange Business Services, IN Groupe, Dawex, Hub France IA, ALEIA, GS1 France and Numagri), we spent nine days highlighting the issues surrounding agricultural data, with food and digital sovereignty at the forefront.

The war in Ukraine, a sad coincidence in the news, reminded us, as did Covid in 2020, that this sovereignty is as much a matter of acquiring as of defending. Initiatives are being taken in this direction: the draft European Data Act regulation is one of them, as is Gaia-X and its future federated and secure data infrastructure.

Agriconsent, the first agricultural digital identity that we presented at the SIA, was designed around these same principles: it is a solution that puts transparency and trust back into data exchanges, designed to equip Europe’s 10 million farms tomorrow. If you missed the Agriconsent demo at the Salon International de l’Agriculture, contact us for a catch-up!

Sébastien Picardat, CEO of Agdatahub


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