For a digital vision and strategy for famers and value chains

Published on 24.02.2019

On the occasion of the Salon International de l’Agriculture, the main players in the agricultural world launched Agdatahub, a shared and sovereign technological infrastructure associated with a collective and structured data standardization process.

The initiative is supported by the network of Technical Agricultural Institutes (Acta), the Chambers of Agriculture (APCA), the FNSEA, the Geves (Group for the Study and Control of Varieties and Seeds) and about twenty private structures. Together, they represent thousands of actors in the agricultural sector.

The partners 3DS Outscale, API-Agro, Dawex, GS1 France, NumAgri and Orange Business Services are pooling their expertise to support the industrial deployment of the project in France and Europe.

Act For Agri Data
Control the use of data from the farm level

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors in terms of the volume of data it produces.

more concerned by the digital transition. The volume of data continues to grow. The data is heterogeneous from one operation to another, which makes it very difficult to use. Worse, the data flow is not sufficiently secure. Farmers’ data can therefore be captured by third parties, sometimes without their knowledge. In this context, facilitating access to and control over the use of agricultural data is a crucial issue to encourage the development of innovative solutions for sustainable and high-performance agriculture.

Beyond the ethical issue, securing data flows is a geopolitical issue that is in line with the priorities of French President Emmanuel Macron: “To build the Europe of tomorrow, our standards cannot be under American control, our infrastructures, our ports and airports under Chinese capital, and our digital networks under Russian pressure. »

The Agdatahub novelty
Agdatahub is a project at the service of the farmer, which will enable him to regain control of his data and be at the center of a virtuous circle of value creation. How will this happen? Thanks to the Data-Agri charter, which makes the contracts and clauses easier to read, allowing farmers to know what they are committing to. Nothing can be done without his consent.

Agdatahub thus deploys a range of services (consulting and relays in the territories) and technological solutions including consent, trusted cloud and data exchange modules operated by European technology players. Agdatahub also guarantees the standardization of data, its pooling and enhancement, which in turn promotes data portability and interoperability, key factors in innovation for farmers and transparency for consumers.