For Arvalis – Institut du végétal, innovation requires controlled data exchange

Published on 01.06.2022

The culture of innovation is in the DNA of the agricultural technical institute Arvalis – Institut du végétal. As a true pioneer in agricultural modelling, it is very interested in digital agriculture and the benefits it can bring to farmers. As close as possible to their expectations, the R&D institute relies on a network of experts located throughout France and collects a large quantity of reliable and representative data that are used to build robust models.

A secure framework for the dissemination of agricultural data

Arvalis – Institut du végétal has chosen to disseminate its agricultural data via the API-Agro data exchange platform, operated by Agdatahub (of which Arvalis – Institut du végétal is a shareholder via the agricultural holding company API-Agro SAS).

Like all users of the platform, Arvalis – Institut du végétal benefits from a secure framework for the distribution of its data. The technical institute exhibits data offers (in the form of files or via API) that are visible in the public catalogue and accessible to the platform’s 1,700 subscribers.

The API-Agro platform makes data dissemination more fluid and enables the creation of value for operators such as ourselves,” comments Romain Val, Director of Value Creation at Arvalis – Institut du végétal.

Several ways of disseminating Arvalis – Institut du végétal data

Thus, on the API-Agro platform, Arvalis – Institut du végétal makes available, according to different modalities (open data or paying offers) :

  • devices contributing to digital innovation: such as the Sols database or the CHN dynamic crop model demonstrator
  • survey results, such as the Cereal Variety Surveys
  • data for its partners, as part of its R&D activity.

The agricultural technical institute Arvalis – Institut du végétal also highlights its expertise through various thematic sheets.


💡 Find the data offers and thematic pages of Arvalis – Institut du végétal on the API-Agro data exchange platform.


About Agdatahub: Agdatahub is an operator of consent and data exchange platforms for the agricultural sector. In support of these solutions, Agdatahub provides operational consulting services related to data (project management, technologies, marketing) to support the actors of the agricultural sector in the use of digital technologies.

About Arvalis – Institut du végétal: Arvalis – Institut du végétal is an applied agricultural research organisation, financed and managed by producers, whose vocation is to be, through its scientific expertise, a technical reference for farmers, the sectors and the French and European public authorities.

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