For Thierry Breton, “sharing agricultural data is fundamental”

On 18 May, the French Agricultural Council (CAF) and the National Centre for Agricultural Exhibitions and Competitions (CENECA) organised a symposium about food sovereignty. What should we learn from it?

Published on 25.05.2021

The subject of food sovereignty is of strategic importance, which has become particularly apparent since the beginning of the COVID-19 health crisis. The big day dedicated to it, on 18 May, brought together many speakers, including the Minister of Agriculture and Food Julien Denormandie.

The replay of the event can be seen on its website (accessible after free but mandatory registration).

At Agdatahub, we believe that food sovereignty can only be achieved if digital sovereignty of agricultural data is preserved and the consent of agricultural producers to the use of their data is respected.

Modernisation of the entire agri-food ecosystem

From the discussions and insights of this conference, we particularly remember the speech of Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market: “(Competitiveness) also implies a modernisation of the entire agri-food ecosystem, in particular through major investments in new technologies. These will enable: farmers to improve their productivity; the sector to reduce its environmental footprint but also to increase the traceability of products.

In this respect, data sharing in the agricultural sector will play an absolutely fundamental role. The creation of the Agdatahub data exchange platform is perfectly in line with the European Commission’s proposal for an act on data governance, which aims precisely to regulate the voluntary sharing of data and to organise their use.



Extract from Thierry Breton’s speech at the French symposium Pour une souveraineté alimentaire.

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