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The Capdata service is based on three offers:

  • L’accompagnement à la labellisation Data-Agri
  • L’accompagnement Projet Data
  • Numagri Standardization



Traceability: from the production of corn to its consumption in an animal product

Agdatahub Solution

With our technological partner (Crystalchain), creation of a demonstrator allowing data recording and consultation by consumers.


  • Valuing sustainable production practices and origin
  • Creating value
  • Improving control of the origin of the raw material
  • Satisfying consumer expectations through reliable traceability information
traçabilité filières


  • Interconnecting the heterogeneous sources of information of the various operators and links in the chain
  • Reconciling and enhancing existing data
  • Enabling digital collaboration and generating trust between stakeholders
  • Producing a demonstrator based on the technology blockchain, allowing the entities identified within the selected use case to enter and record predefined information for traceability purposes (traces) for one or two data sets

Status of implementation

  • Identification of two sector:
    - Grain corn in animal feed for a farm goat cheese (Maison François Cholat)
    - Grain corn in broiler feed to the «whole farm chicken» product (Groupe Maïsadour)
  • Functional analysis and technical development of the demonstrator

In progress: Sector-wide deployment on different products