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The Capdata service is based on three offers:

  • L’accompagnement à la labellisation Data-Agri
  • L’accompagnement Projet Data
  • Numagri Standardization
Terres Univia



Soybeans produced in France from field to plate

Agdatahub Solution

With our technological partner (Crystalchain), creation of a demonstrator allowing data recording and consultation by consumers.


  • Facilitate the capture and better organisation of traceability data on the cultivation of soya produced in France, according to a standard format used/recognised by all
  • To enhance the value of French production, from soybeans to meal and oil for animal feed, to soyfood for human consumption, by providing information to consumers
  • Lighten the administrative burden to justify differentiating value to the many clients and customers
  • Enable better traceability of information throughout the chain
traçabilité filières


  • Facilitate the dematerialisation of information according to a future standard accessible and used by all
  • Harmonise the reporting of information from different documentary sources
  • Enable the compilation of reliable and secure data on French soybeans with other types of data to create value at the production stage
  • Facilitating audits to demonstrate differentiating value

Status of implementation

  • Step 1: Definition of the scope and data to be transmitted along the pipeline
  • Identification of two sector:
    - Soya in animal feed - soya cake (Groupe Maïsadour)
    - Soya in food (Armbruster/Olga)
  • Step 2: Creation of a blockchain prototype, presented in February 2023
    In addition to its thematic page on «Groundwater management and the ADES database», BRGM plans to position itself on other subjects. These thematic pages allow purchasers to formulate their specific needs directly to a provider, to which new data sets should respond.