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Saving natural resources, reducing inputs and drudgery, improving farm performance and traceability: AgriTech start-ups are on the move to meet environmental, economic and societal challenges. Agdatahub's mission is to help them do so so that the growth of digital agriculture benefits farmers and breeders.

Our technology solutions related to consent and data exchange have been developed to support agricultural innovation.
How can this be done? By giving farmers back control over the use of their data and by facilitating the circulation of reliable and qualified data essential to the development of innovative services.

Ready to secure, exchange and enhance agricultural data?

Agritrust, let's bring back transparency

Our consent modules help restore the balance of power between digital providers or digital service providers and their farmer or breeder customers. The use of Agritrust's agricultural digital identity also allows them to ensure the identity of the person logging in, simplify the collection of information and increase security, and therefore trust.

Agritrust also simplifies the life of farmers and secures the exchange of agricultural data while respecting consent. In this way, the AgriTech players provide an additional service to the customers using their solutions.

API-Agro, being part of a dynamic ecosystem

The API-Agro agricultural data exchange platform is the reference platform in France. The heart of its system is a catalogue of data offers (by file or by API) to which more than 2,000 subscribers have access. It also includes pages presenting the companies or structures that have subscribed to API-Agro and thematic pages.

This increases the visibility of subscribers and increases the potential of their presence on the platform tenfold.

It also allows them to connect with key players in the agricultural sector and conduct secure transactions. At each stage, the data provider keeps control of the data flow.

"The API-Agro data exchange platform is our single point of entry to new users of our weather data. Weather is only of interest if it is linked to a use. This is why we want our data to be easily and simply accessible to feed farm management tools. The API-Agro platform allows this dissemination, which we can control."

Arnault Trac

Development Director, Weather Measures

Capdata, accelerating innovation in the sectors

Among our Capdata services, the Data-Agri labelling support is adapted to all digital service providers. Data-Agri is both a label and a charter of 13 principles established by the agricultural profession for greater transparency in contractual relations between digital service providers and farmers.

Our support can be divided into three parts, from the simple analysis of your General Terms of Use (GTU) to the submission of the labelling application, including help with drafting to correct any discrepancies.

"Elzeard is a Social and Solidarity Economy company and we wanted our technological solution to be in line with our values: that is to say, respectful of farmers. We chose Capdata's support for Data-Agri certification because Data-Agri raises real technical questions. This enabled us to specify our architecture to meet our contractual commitments."

Gilles Delaporte

Co-founder in charge of business development, Elzeard

How do they use our solutions?

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Ready to secure, exchange and enhance agricultural data?