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  • Agdatahub, in co-innovation with Orange Business Services, is currently developing a sovereign digital identity for the 10 million farms in Europe.
  • Together, they are developing a decentralised sovereign identity blockchain for the French and European agricultural sector.

What means "Blockchain" ?

  • A secure virtual registry
  • Reliability and traceability for all data and information transmitted
  • A decentralised network that allows its members to exchange and verify identity information related to farms

Different uses and applications

R2A and France Connect
Data certification
PAC declaration

Commercial offer

Packages available soon. Would you like to take part in an experimental phase and benefit from privileged conditions?

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Do you provide agricultural advice? Do you provide services to farmers? Are you a specialized software publisher or a collector of agricultural data? Digital identity is for you.

The digital identity of farms makes it possible to protect against the risks inherent in data (reliability, marketing, identity theft, etc.). Digital identity also allows to accelerate, with confidence, dematerialized transactions.

The digital identity of farms helps to protect against the risks inherent in data (reliability, marketing, identity theft, etc.). The digital identity also makes it possible to speed up dematerialised transactions in complete confidence.

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