API-Agro / Guidelines


  • Data from all sectors and on all agricultural topics
  • Open Data agricultural data shared by the Ministry of Agriculture
Crop or disease models
Pesticide lists
Economic data
Spatialized weather data
Geological references
Graphic parcel register


    Make your data offers and your organisation visible with the API-Agro platform. Fill in your company profile, highlight your expertise and qualify your data sets so that they find a buyer.
    Benefit from a simple interface allowing you to carry out targeted searches by type of data, by sector or by geographical area, and to program an automatic watch.
    Take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the API-Agro platform to exchange data according to your own contractual and commercial conditions. Promote multilingual exchanges between European partners.
    Do you want to sell your data? From the API-Agro platform, control the entire process: easily find buyers who meet your business criteria, negotiate according to your terms, centralise your payments via Stripe (interconnected to the platform).

Techno point


  • Automatically generate samples to showcase your data offerings
  • Track your data usage metrics


  • The API-Agro platform is based on the technology of the French company Dawex, which is Soc1 certified.
  • The data is stored on the Orange Business Services trusted cloud.

Commercial offer

Agdatahub offers packages according to the usage of each subscriber. *Rates are indicated “Starting from” on the basis of the criteria Profession: upstream agriculture, Territory: region and Revenues: Less than 2 M€. Get your personalised rate (depending on your project, your activity, the territory targeted and your company's revenue), on request.

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Discover the API-Agro platform
Discover the API-Agro platform


Agdatahub, operator of the API-Agro platform, provides this tool as a trusted third party for data exchanges. Agdatahub does not receive any remuneration from the exchanges, nor does it collect or process data.

Registration is a prerequisite for access to the API-Agro platform and therefore to the catalogue for reasons of trust. Each profile is checked and validated by our team.

Our customer service manager will help you discover and get to grips with the API-Agro platform. Depending on your level of subscription, an onboarding stage will allow you to follow step by step the steps involved in making a data offer available and much more.