Discover the API-Agro agricultural data exchange platform for free

Did you know? The discovery formula gives you free access to the API-Agro platform, allows you to create your own company page, to promote your expertise and to benefit from a free option.

Published on 02.06.2022

What’s in the free Discovery formula?

  • Publication of your company page: you will appear in the catalogue visible to the nearly 2,000 users registered on the platform.
  • Publication of a theme: you showcase your expertise by promoting a type of data that you could make available.
  • Publication of a data offering: showcase your first dataset and measure the interest of the AgriTech ecosystem in your data.
  • You can expose up to 2 GB of data volume and consume up to 1 GB of data volume per month.
  • Set up to 5 different alerts in one click to find data that interests you.

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API-Agro: choose the right option for you

  • Open Data: publish your data offer in Open Data.

    The advantage? Be listed in the public data catalogue and promote your area of expertise and the reliability of your data.

  • Monetisation: value and sell your data.

    The advantage? Diversify your sources of income and offer your file on your own terms.

  • Existing contract: Use an existing contract governing access to your data.

    The advantage? Continue a contractual relationship with a partner by adding the secure framework and traceability provided by the API-Agro platform.

  • External connector: connect an external storage space (AWS, S3, Azure or FTP compatible), whether you are a data purchaser or data provider.

    The advantage? Automate the deposit or retrieval of data.

  • Graphic customisation: display the colours of your company or organisation on your company page.

    The advantage? Stand out by asserting your graphic identity.

  • API Push: create a dynamic data offer that buyers receive automatically.

    The advantage? Make yourself indispensable by automatically sending your updated data to your API buyers.

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