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Agdatahub develops technological solutions that ensure that the consent of agricultural producers is taken into account before any exchange of data from their farms or livestock.

Control your digital relationships

Adopt digital identity and consent management to ensure controlled use of agricultural data!

Digital identity: the foundation of secure data use

Simply connect

No more forgotten passwords or passwords written down on a piece of paper... With the agricultural digital identity, all you have to do is open the Agritrust application and scan a QR code to connect to a service.

Managing consents

No more lack of transparency: our CONSENT service enables digital service providers to reassure farmers about the use of their data, in compliance with the Data Governance Act (DGA).

Managing attributes

Digital identity is more than just civil status! Our CONSENT service encompasses a wide range of data used to represent and distinguish an individual, just like the Certiphyto.

Agricultural digital identity, a challenge for data control and the development of trust

Digitally authenticating farmers is a crucial issue for the control of their data. It ensures that service providers have reliable data that is useful for the development of their services. It also reduces the risk of fraud.

In co-innovation with Orange Business Services and IN Groupe, Agdatahub has developed a sovereign digital identity module that can be adopted by the 380,000 French farms and 10 million European farms. This agricultural digital identity, which addresses security issues in the digital and physical world, will be of service to all players in the sector.

Agdatahub's digital identity module is quick to create and completely free of charge for farmers, whether they are livestock breeders, growers, winegrowers or market gardeners. It is also aimed at partners of farms, businesses or public authorities. The agricultural digital identity enables them to :

  • Ensuring that the consent of farms to the use of their data is taken into account
  • Make the steps of registration and provision of administrative evidence instantaneous
  • Simplify and accelerate dematerialized transactions in complete confidence (CAP teledeclarations, signature of production sales contracts, etc.).

The benefits of digital identity


Build trust with farmers in your digital relationships by giving them visibility into their farm data


Instantly verify the origin and authenticity of the identity certificate thanks to the Blockchain and protect yourself against the risks of fraud or identity theft


Simplify the registration, account creation and login processes for your digital services or tools and improve the user experience


Use a sovereign French technology that complies with the European regulations that will come into force in 2024 and bring new services to your customers

Offers for farm partners

In addition to the agricultural digital identity, Agdatahub is deploying additional modules to ensure that farmers' consent to the use of their data and the authenticity of their identity are respected. These technology solutions are aimed at companies and organizations that provide digital services to farmers and want to do so in compliance with the European regulation on non-personal data.

Identity management

CONSENT enables farm partners to instantly verify information about the individual (the farmer) and/or the legal entity (the farm) using their services. When creating an account or logging in on a daily basis, identification details are certified and pre-filled, improving the user experience and reducing the risk of error.

Consent managers

A consent manager makes it possible to verify that the person who gives and registers his or her consent to the use of farm data is indeed the rightful owner and that the consent is valid. Mobilized to guarantee a controlled use of agricultural data, Agdatahub recommends the use of consent managers that meet the needs and expectations of the actors of the agricultural sectors. Choose now a consent manager that complies with the European Data Governance Act regulation that will come into force in 2024.

Consent routeur

An essential link in the consent chain, Agdatahub's Consent Router is a technological solution that works as a one-stop shop. Thus, thanks to our router, the data provider can check whether the consent necessary for their exchange exists, without needing to know which consent manager is used. The result of the Multipass research project, Agdatahub's consent router can be interfaced and interoperated with the consent managers on the market.

Farm partners, seed agricultural data with CONSENT

Solutions tailored to farms

The agricultural digital identity makes it possible to link the identity of farmers (natural person) with the identity of their farm (legal person) in order to create an agricultural digital identity recognized by the entire sector. The farmer or stockbreeder is thus recognized as the owner of his farm when he signs a contract involving the circulation of his data to a partner or service provider. The first step for farmers who want to keep control of the use of their data is to obtain their agricultural digital identity. With this digital identity, they will be able to enforce their consent to the use of their data, via our two free tools dedicated to them: the farm cockpit and the Agritrust wallet.

Farm's cockpit

The Agritrust farmer web portal is built around a dashboard. From this interface, farmers or breeders can view and administer the consents granted and coming from the different consent managers. Totally free of charge, this cockpit has been thought and designed to simplify the life of farmers by allowing them to see, at a glance, to whom, for what and for how long they have authorized the use of their data.

Farm's wallet

The Agritrust wallet, available on Android and iOS mobile phones, is a free digital wallet. Developed especially for farmers and breeders, it firstly allows to store and encrypt the agricultural digital identity. It allows farmers to identify themselves and to make secure online or physical purchases. For example, by producing a dematerialized Certiphyto for the acquisition of plant protection products.

You are a farmer or a stockbreeder and you want to keep control over the use of your data? Choose the free Agritrust tools and get your own agricultural digital identity.

How do they use our solutions?

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Farm's cockpit

Farm's wallet

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Consent routeur

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