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The Capdata service is based on three offers:

  • L’accompagnement à la labellisation Data-Agri
  • L’accompagnement Projet Data
  • Numagri Standardization



Tracking and valuing data of animal feed for the dairy herd

Agdatahub Solution

Conducting workshops to identify the stakeholders and data involved. Creation of a GS1 community of interest to develop the standards


  • Facilitate data entry and better organise data of animal feed, whatever their source, in a standard format recognised by all
  • Reducing the administrative burden
  • Enable better traceability of information throughout the chain


  • Harmonise the reporting of animal feed information on the different media (labels, purchase registers)
  • Enhance data by taking into account existing initiatives (RESALIM/observatory o f dairy cow feeding, CNIEL reference system for pasture milk), ect.)
  • Standardise information

Status of implementation

  • Step 1: Identification of actors and data to be standardised (deliverable in December 2021)
  • In January 2022, launch of stage 2, standardisation, with GS1 France, and a dedicated Community of Interest

IN PROGRESS: Standardisation working group groupe de travail standardisation