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The Capdata service is based on three offers:

  • L’accompagnement à la labellisation Data-Agri
  • L’accompagnement Projet Data
  • Numagri Standardization



Standardise the exchange of agricultural weather data to facilitate their use

Agdatahub Solution

Data expertise for data standardisation and to facilitate data sharing and circulation


  • Improve the quality and interoperability of weather data from agricultural weather stations and/or sensors, to facilitate their use in DMOs, FMIS and other services
  • Work collectively to implement good practices practices for exchanging weather data and defining their uses in DMOs, by standardising both the output data from suppliers and the inputs from the various services


  • Standardise the exchange of agricultural weather data, useful to the farmer, to facilitate their use in the operational support software and other services
  • Characterise and standardise the meta-data available and needed for data sharing
  • Create a standard that is accessible to all and widely available according to the governance rules of the standardisation body chosen for the client

Status of implementation

  • Step 1: Presentation of a descriptive data model and metadata in plenary
  • Step 2: Technical documentation of the descriptive data model and communication on the project at the 2023 International Agricultural Show


IN PROGRESS: Stakeholder impact assessment (March-September 2023)