Agdatahub: a team committed to the digital transition of agriculture

Published on 09.11.2020

Although Agdatahub’s activity is mainly based on technological tools (i.e. a data exchange platform and, in the near future, solutions based on the consent and digital identity of agricultural producers), its team can work with clients for consulting or support missions on projects related to agricultural data.

Agdatahub: meet the team!

Sébastien Picardat, Chief Executive Officer

As an expert in strategy and organisation for the sectors of Life (agriculture, agri-food, health) specialising in agricultural economics, Sébastien has acquired experience in both information technology and institutional relations in the agricultural sectors. With a global vision of the agricultural ecosystem, he enables Agdatahub to be the key player on the current and future challenges of agricultural data in France and Europe.

Renaud Font, Chief Operations Officer
Renaud, a specialist in customer relations in the IT and digital field, has been putting his skills at the service of the agricultural sector for more than 12 years as sales manager at Smag. He has accompanied his clients on the development of the internet, web technologies and the strategic dimension of data use. Today, he works alongside Agdatahub’s clients in the management of their projects related to agricultural data.

Nicolas Vannetzel, Customer Success Manager
With a university degree in Plant Production, Nicolas has used his agronomic expertise to develop the range of digital services for a multinational fertiliser company at French and European level. Customer-oriented, he knows how to manage complex projects and implement the functionalities expected by users in France and abroad. Nicolas assists Agdatahub’s clients in the formatting of their data and in their valorisation.

Julie Menez, Communication & Marketing Manager
After almost ten years working as a journalist for the regional press, Julie has moved on to the communication side, and more specifically to digital communication. Today, she puts her editorial skills at the service of Agdatahub’s growth but also of our clients’ data offerings.

Théo-Paul Haezebrouck, Products & Services Manager
The youngest member of the team, at the top of his 30 years, Théo-Paul is also the one who initiated the project of an agricultural data exchange platform since its creation within the Technical Institutes. While Agdatahub is starting a new chapter with a €2.5m equity fund raising from API-Agro SAS and Banque des Territoires, the same goes for Théo-Paul who has decided to start a new page in his career as early as 2021.

Thank you Théo-Paul for having been such a committed product owner and such a nice and pleasant colleague. The whole team wishes you good luck!