SmartAgriHubs – CHN API

The requirement

Unleash the innovation potential of AgTech players to speed up the digital transformation of the European agricultural sector.

The Agdatahub's solution

With the technical institute Arvalis, Agdatahub disseminates data of the CHN crop model to monitor plots during the season within the Digi-Pilote innovation experiments.


The requirement

To provide access to its services and decision rules through APIs.

Agdatahub's solution

The API-Agro platform which federates the agricultural ecosystem and allows the widespread distribution of APIs, according to the conditions set by the issuer of the data offers.

"The API-Agro platform allows us to give access to our APIs to different external stakeholders."

Frédéric Salvi Head of Terres Inovia's Data programme

Weather Measures

The requirement

To make its weather forecasting data offers known to a plurality of players in the agricultural sector.

Agdatahub's solution

Provision of an open data weather forecasting API on the scale of French small agricultural regions (PRA) on the API-Agro platform.

"The API-Agro platform is our single point of entry to new users of our data."

Arnault Trac Director of Development at Weather Measures


The requirement

To carry out an air measurement campaign in a rural environment on the territory of Châlons-Agglo (Grand Est)

Agdatahub's solution

Support for the emergence of the project and selection of technological solutions.

Agdatahub is involved in the different phases of the Terradata project: assistance in setting up the project in the start-up phase and selection of companies offering data collection solutions related to air quality.

Acta – Agricultural technical institutes

The requirement

Disseminating agricultural datasets and accelerating their exploitation.

Agdatahub's solution

Exposing databases on API-Agro to increase visibility and respond to specific requests to customize the available data.

“Exposing our databases on API-AGRO allows us to increase our visibility and respond to specific requests to customize the available data.”

Edwige Charbonnier ACTA manager for the exploitation of plant health data


The requirement

Finding and acquiring reference data to assist users of Agroptima, a field management application, in entering details of their operations.

Agdatahub's solution

The sourcing of data available on API-Agro allows Agroptima to evaluate their quality and reliability.

« API-AGRO exposes varied, sourced datasets and makes available those offers which are useful and adapted to Agroptima’s activities. »

Hugo Compas Director Agroptima France

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