Enriching product references

Simplifying farm management for farmers: Agroptima’s mission is clearly defined! To make it easier for users to enter details of their operations, the mobile application publisher provides the GEVES database of seeds certified for use in France on API-Agro.

The creation of crop rotations, fertilisation, CAP declarations or traceability and monitoring of production costs, field management is a time-consuming activity for farmers. Thanks to its mobile application and its website, Agroptima makes it possible to simplify this rather tedious management. On the application, farmers can record directly, in a private account, all their operations, straight from their phone. To optimise data entry, the application provides product databases that enable them to record their interventions in real time, in the field, by directly selecting the data to be integrated.

« API-AGRO exposes varied, sourced datasets and makes available those offers which are useful and adapted to Agroptima’s activities. »
Hugo Compas, director Agroptima France

Given this background, access and use of approved product datasets is a differentiator and a business challenge for the company in the competitive marketplace for field management solutions.

The challenge is to locate reliable databases from multiple sources and then integrate them into our system”, says Hugo Compas, director of Agroptima France.

The Agroptima farm management solution now uses the GEVES certified seed database directly on the API-Agro platform. This facilitates inputs from farmers but also the shared codification of this data favours its reuse for sharing or connection to decision support tools using the same references.

By subscribing to the API-AGRO platform, Agroptima has found an accessible and secure tool.
API-Agro exposes varied, sourced datasets and makes available those offers which are useful and adapted to Agroptima’s activities. This not only saves significant time for our teams but also makes it easier to evaluate the quality and reliability of the data,” says Hugo Compas. A desire for simplification and integration that meets Agroptima’s requirement for innovation and competitiveness!



Products and services
Mobile application for land management to simplify farm management

Arable crops

Size of the organisation
About 30 people

France (origin Spain)


Functionalities of the API-Agro platform used

  • Available datasets
  • Access and exchange
  • Open Data

Key figures on data

9000 plant varieties for 190 species updated every week.
3000 plant protection products marketed in France updated according to the contract.