Terres Inovia, the technical institute for the vegetable oil and protein and hemp sectors, has been involved in the subject of agricultural data for several years now. A new example is its EvA calculator (Evaluation of aphanomyces risk in the field), available in API format on the API-Agro platform.

The Terres Inovia technical institute, whose motto is “Agronomy on the move“, recently set up a data and digital innovation department and has a data programme that Frédéric Salvi, an agronomist by training and a research officer, is leading.

“This programme covers the entire data value chain: acquisition, management, governance, development and sharing.
Frédéric Salvi

Terres Inovia, which conducts research, development and innovation work to improve the competitiveness of oilseed crops, uses agricultural data to establish decision rules, following the example of the EvA calculator.

EvA is the name of a tool that assesses the aphanomyces risk on the pea plot. “Aphanomyces is the most common and most damaging soil-borne disease of protein peas. Because of the contamination of plots, pea cultivation has become uncertain and difficult, especially in its historical production area, i.e. the northern third of France. To combat this phenomenon, a research programme was set up and actions were taken to find ways of combating and diagnosing the disease,” explains Frédéric Salvi.

Until now, only a biological test of infectious potential carried out on a soil sample made it possible to assess the risk at the plot level (an examination for which a fee was charged). From now on, by taking into account some information such as the history of peas in the plot and the type of soil, the tool developed by Terres Inovia can quickly assess the aphanomyces risk with a result at two levels: low or high risk.

The API EvA benefits from more than ten years of references

It is a tool for qualifying the level of risk with simple data. The objective? To preserve pea yields and avoid multiplying the pathogen,” summarises Frédéric Salvi. A validation campaign on 120 plots started in 2017 to measure its reliability. With the benefit of more than ten years of reference acquisition, the EvA calculator is now available to all growers wishing to measure the aphanomyces risk on their plots. Accessible online from the Terres Inovia website, EvA is also available in API format from the API-Agro exchange platform operated by Agdatahub (of which Terres Inovia is also a partner). To specify the risk incurred, particularly in the case of a “high” result, the biological test for infectious potential is the right tool, as it allows a more detailed assessment of the risk on the plot.

Data availability controlled from A to Z

For the past three years, we have decided to digitise all our decision rules using API technology and to make them available internally for our decision support tools.” Terres Inovia has also chosen to make its APIs available via the API-Agro data exchange platform as this allows it to “give access to different external stakeholders“.

For EvA, the idea is that the API can be used by companies that have a plot database and would like to apply the aphanomyces risk assessment calculator automatically.

“It is in the general interest that our work be as widely distributed as possible, as we can do with API-Agro.”
Frédéric Salvi

While EvA is available free of charge on the API-Agro platform, Terres Inovia offers a ‘discovery’ service for its nitrogen calculator, allowing clients to test the calculator and verify its usefulness and suitability for their environment. To go beyond this, it will be necessary to contact Terres Inovia, which will make customised proposals according to the client’s profile and on the basis of current rates.

IT, marketing and business around the table

For each of the data offers that Terres Inovia places on the API-Agro platform, the technical institute considers the conditions of availability and uses the platform’s functionalities: visibility (restricted or public), free or paid acquisition, download quota, etc. “We think on a case-by-case basis, combining three skills each time: IT, marketing and the agricultural profession,” insists Frédéric Salvi. In putting his various offers online and setting their parameters, the Terres Inovia Data programme manager can count on the support of Nicolas Vannetzel, customer service manager for the API-Agro platform. A privileged contact who will continue to support Terres Inovia in the coming months as the institute plans to make several data offers available via files or APIs.


Terres Inovia

Products and services
Calculators, decision rules, specific DMOs for the vegetable oil and protein and hemp sectors

Agricultural research, development and innovation

Size of the organisation
160 FTE



Key figures
1957: creation of the Centre Technique Interprofessionnel des Oléagineux Métropolitains (Cetiom) which merged with Unip in 2015 to create Terres Inovia
15 online decision support tools
600 coordinated trials per year producing 300,000 experimental data

Functionalities of the API-Agro platform used

  • Access and exchange
  • Publication of a company file, themes and data offers by file and by API
  • Edition of contracts by quota according to the number of API requests