Weather Measures


Weather Measures is a promising start-up based in Clermont-Ferrand. Its speciality? Spatialized meteorological data.

In operation for five years, Weather Measures is now able to provide historical observation data on all meteorological parameters throughout France, as well as forecasting data. The strength of this Young Innovative Company (JEI) is that it combines different sources of weather data, supplemented by connected sensors.

While Weather Measures works for major global industrial players in the transport and energy sectors, 80% of its business is with the agricultural sector. The start-up’s aim is to provide the most accurate information possible, thanks to spatialized data. Indeed, the use of a rain gauge installed in a field quickly finds its limits when you have a large farm and a scattered plot of land…

Yield forecasts, epidemiology, irrigation or plant growth: all these important actions require access to meteorological data. This is why Weather Measures has made available on the API-Agro platform an API (i.e. a computer application programming interface) for weather forecasts on the scale of the French Small Agricultural Regions (SARs). This open data offer (free and open access) allows the user to consult weather forecasts hour by hour and day by day (nine-day projection).

“The API-Agro platform represents for us the unique entry point to new users of our data.”

Arnault Trac, Development Director, Weather Measures

The meteorological parameters of this API are: rain, temperature, wind at 2 and 10 metres, humidity, radiation and partial evapotranspiration (ETP). This information is essential for monitoring and planning technical interventions and itineraries in the plots.

“The weather is only of interest if it is linked to a use. This is why we want our data to be easily and simply accessible to feed farm management tools. This is the case with the API-Agro platform.”
Arnault Trac, Development Director, Weather Measures

A new offer to come soon

The weather expert is planning a new offer on the API-Agro platform. This next data offer will provide access to forecasting but also to historical data. It should prove invaluable for software publishers or decision support tools (DST).

To publicise its first offer on the API-Agro platform and its expertise, Weather Measures was able to count on the support of Agdatahub, the operator of the data exchange platform, which distributed the access link to the offer via its various communication media (social networks and newsletters), thus enabling the start-up to gain visibility.


Weather Measures

Products and services
Study and consulting, installation and maintenance, data processing

Precision agriculture

Size of the organisation
8 people



Key figures on Weather Measures data
14 years of data history
150 terabytes of stored weather data
1bn of weather data processed each month

API-Agro platform features used

  • Access and exchange
  • Open Data
  • Publication of a company file, themes and data offers