Deploy the value of your agricultural data with API-Agro

API-Agro is the first French platform for agricultural data exchange. It is the trusted third party for all players in the agricultural sector. Thanks to the adapted framework that we have put in place, our data exchange platform ensures the intermediation between issuers and purchasers of qualified agricultural or environmental data. This data is offered in the form of files or APIs (application programming interfaces) according to fully customizable acquisition conditions. The advanced features of the API-Agro platform and its intuitive interface allow rapid appropriation by users and simplify the distribution or sourcing of agricultural data.

Circulate agricultural data with API-Agro

Are you a start-up, a technical institute, a supplier of services or products for farms? Agricultural data has become an essential part of your business.

Whether you are a sender or a purchaser of agricultural data, our API-Agro platform is the reference platform for accessing or exposing reliable data and algorithms or APIs.

Disseminate agricultural data

Your data and your algorithms are a value-generating resource for your company or organization. Indeed, reliable data is sought to feed innovative services (decision support tools, artificial intelligence models, etc.) useful for the agro-ecological transition of French or European agriculture and necessary to improve production conditions for farmers and consumers alike.

With API-Agro, you can distribute your data and APIs in complete security, controlling their destination and uses and setting your own conditions.

Expose and give visibility to your agricultural data

By making your datasets and APIs available via our API-Agro agricultural data exchange platform and by displaying your expertise, you join a qualified community of players in the sector, all sectors included, with whom to exchange and do business in a framework of trust.
In a few clicks, gain visibility and find outlets for your data. gagnez en visibilité et trouvez des débouchés pour vos données.

Secure your data and stay in control

The API-Agro platform is a trusted third party that offers you a secure framework for exchange. Firstly, the identity of each registered member is scrupulously checked and validated, which allows to qualify both the senders and the buyers of agricultural data. Secondly, you retain control over the circulation of your files or APIs, which are only accessible to interested users if you agree to them and under the conditions you wish.

Add value to your data and develop new uses

From the dashboard of our API-Agro platform and its catalogue, cross-reference your sources, customize your offers or update your data. To help you be as efficient as possible, our support team assists you in managing and structuring your data offers, as well as in their possible monetization. Access additional services (algorithms, data visualization) to assess the quality and scope of your data.

Find and process reliable agricultural data

Do you need to source reliable and up-to-date data in order to develop innovative digital services in complete security? Subscribing to our API-Agro platform gives you access to a catalogue of raw or aggregated data. Proposed in the form of files or APIs, these data are exposed by agricultural actors whose identity and legitimacy are scrupulously verified. The acquisition of the data is completely transparent between the sender and the buyer. Whether the transaction is free or paid, you keep a record of all exchanges.

Access a catalogue of qualified data

The data offers that appear in the public catalogue of the API-Agro platform (i.e. visible on simple registration), can be filtered by type of license, sector, geographical area and type of data. Are you looking for a technical repository, laboratory data or public data? Set up a watch and alerts and be notified as soon as data useful to your activity is made available.

Make secure transactions

With our API-Agro platform, you have access to data whose providers have all been authenticated as reliable. Whether the files or APIs you are interested in are offered for free or monetized, you can access automatically generated samples. This allows you to assess the suitability of the files before completing the transaction and retrieving your files. From the integrated messaging system, you can also query the supplier directly and keep a record of all your exchanges.

Simply retrieve the data

Data exchange on API-Agro is necessarily done within the framework of a license, even for free and public data. Once the contract is signed with the data provider, you are guaranteed secure access to the data via the platform and data retrieval is just a click away. If you subscribe to a recurring offer, you are automatically notified when new files are made available. Finally, you can connect an external storage space to the platform, in order to automate data recovery.

Participate in agricultural innovation

Why is data valuable and why should it circulate between the players in the sector? Because agricultural data are essential for developing innovative solutions or new services, the benefits of which will accrue to farmers and consumers. This conviction is written into our DNA.

Be an actor of new practices

By circulating your agricultural data and allowing software publishers or start-ups to use them to improve their tools, you are helping to improve production conditions on farms.

Connect with the European agricultural data ecosystem

Showcase your expertise through the API-Agro catalogue which lists both data offers and themes. Make new contacts and build partnerships across borders.

Take action for digital and food sovereignty

As a data intermediary under the Data Governance Act, we do not take any commission on your data and do not process it. By exchanging your agricultural data via the API-Agro platform, you are using a sovereign solution that complies with European regulations.

Join API-Agro and fertilize your agricultural data

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