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EXCHANGE: live demonstration
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EXCHANGE: understanding the service
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Answers to your most frequently asked questions

Digital identity

Who is the Agdatahub digital identity module for?

Do you provide agricultural advice? Do you provide services to farmers? Are you a specialist software publisher or agricultural data collector? Digital identity is for you.

Why use digital identity?

The digital identity of farms makes it possible to protect against the risks inherent in data (reliability, marketing, identity theft, etc.). The digital identity also makes it possible to speed up dematerialized transactions in complete confidence.

Is digital identity useful in "real life"?

With Agdatahub's digital identity module, link the identity of farmers with that of their farm to create a digital identity that is recognized by the entire agricultural sector in both the digital and physical world.

Can I use the Agdatahub router if I have my own consent manager?

Yes, you can simply interface by downloading and applying the interfacing specifications available below, within our functional documentation.

Do you want to use a consent manager?

For the cattle and small ruminant sector, we recommend Agata Consent, the consent manager operated by Fast.

EXCHANGE: multi-sector

What role does Agdatahub play in data exchanges via its service?

Agdatahub provides its data exchange service via a platform that acts as a trusted third party. The company does not collect or process any of the data made available on its platform.

Why is free registration necessary to view the content of the platform?

Registration is a prerequisite for access to the exchange platform and therefore to the catalogue, for reasons of trust. Each profile is checked and validated by our team.

How do I get started with EXCHANGE?

Our customer service manager will help you discover and get to grips with the EXCHANGE service. Depending on your subscription level, an onboarding stage will take you step-by-step through the process of making data available and much more.

EXCHANGE: ruminant sector

Why should a player use the EXCHANGE ruminant sector service?

The EXCHANGE service for the ruminant sector has been developed to strengthen trust between livestock farmers and the parties involved in processing their data. It also guarantees greater transparency between the parties involved.

How can the EXCHANGE ruminant sector service guarantee verification of consent?

By sending the data of the breeders if, and only if, the consents are properly granted and documented.

How do I use the EXCHANGE ruminant sector service?

The EXCHANGE ruminant sector service is available in SaaS mode. In other words, it requires no installation or investment, and is available on an annual subscription basis.