Agdatahub, the intermediation platform
for agricultural and agri-food data

Agdatahub federates public and private players to support and facilitate the digital transformation of the agricultural world based on use cases meeting real needs and strong challenges.

Our team and our values

As a data intermediation platform, and because our primary role is to support all players in the world of agricultural data, enabling them to develop a digital space based on interconnection and trust, our team relies on proximity, with offices in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon.

For all of us, listening and availability are just as important as expertise. By thinking with you, we can facilitate the development of value-generating projects for all agricultural and agri-food players.


Sébastien Picardat

With his global vision of the agricultural ecosystem, Sébastien Picardat represents Agdatahub's ambitions to institutional and agricultural decision-makers in France and Europe.


Renaud Font
From web technologies to the strategic dimension of agricultural data use, Renaud Font has developed his expertise to serve players in the agricultural digital sector.


Gaëlle Chéruy Pottiau
Gaëlle Chéruy Pottiau has standardized a dozen agricultural EDI messages for UNCEFACT (United Nations) and developed harmonized code repositories used for land parcel exchanges in France.


Christophe Gervais
Christophe Gervais has 25 years' experience in IT product development, Cloud platforms, systems integration and information systems security.


Albane Thouéry
Sales director
Albane Thouéry is a graduate of a grande école and has worked in ESN and large groups in business development. She worked with startups on her own account to introduce them to the market, then structured data subjects for a player in the agri-supply sector before joining Agdatahub.


Nicolas Vannetzel
Product owner Agdatahub Exchange
An expert in agricultural digital services, Nicolas Vannetzel implements the functionalities expected by users of our solutions in France and abroad.


Laurie Bésinet
Product owner Agdatahub Consent & Connect
Laurie Bésinet is an agricultural engineer specializing in support, consulting and innovation, working on the design of digital tools for agriculture.


Thomas Gomez
European Project Manager
Thomas Gomez is an agricultural engineer specializing in digital technologies. He works on agricultural data interoperability issues, at both national and European level.


Charles Sauget
Digital agriculture project manager

Charles Sauget is a dual-skilled engineer in agronomy and digital technologies, helping agricultural organizations to implement projects for exchanging and making the most of their agricultural data.


Julie Menez
Communication & Marketing Manager
As the company's editorial Swiss Army knife, Julie Menez puts her skills to work for your projects, promoting your data offers or your data projects.


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Agdatahub, agricultural
and institutional governance

Agdatahub's governance enables it to align its vision with the needs of the agricultural sector, while ensuring its independence.

Shareholders from
the agricultural sector
The agricultural holding company API-Agro SAS comprises 30 associates representing the diversity of the agricultural sector.

Serving the earth
Avril's raison d'être "Serving the earth" is in line with its mission: to create sustainable value in the oil and protein sectors, and thus contribute to better nutrition for mankind and preservation of the planet.

A bank committed to the
digital transition of territories
La Banque des Territoires (Groupe Caisse des Dépôts) supports the agricultural sector in its digital transition and works in favor of more connected territories.

A key player in identity and trust solutions for global exchanges
A partner of the French government for almost 500 years, IN Groupe offers state-of-the-art identity solutions and secure digital services, integrating electronics, optics and biometrics.

Promoting the transition from agriculture and food to a resilient agrosystem
With the acquisition of the Soufflet group in 2021, InVivo is positioning itself as the driving force behind the transition to agriculture and food and the transformation of Ferme France, fully asserting its status as a company with a mission.

Agdatahub, in the heart of the territories

A key player in the digital transformation of the agricultural and agrifood sectors, Agdatahub is a member of the clusters and networks that drive innovation in the agricultural and agrifood sectors in France and Europe.

Agdatahub, a vision
and European commitments

Because the future of agricultural data control and circulation is being written at Community level, Agdatahub has been working to develop European agricultural sovereignty since its creation.

Agdatahub is participating in the French Hub of Gaia-X, an international association of which the company is a Day-1 Member. The aim of this initiative is to create a European cloud and data spaces (including an agricultural data space) governed by the values of trust, security, sovereignty and interoperability.

Alongside Gaia-X, Agdatahub is involved in major European projects that put digital technology at the service of the agricultural sector, such as AgriDataSpace, which aims to establish a European framework for a secure and reliable data space for agriculture.