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Whether you are a cooperative, a trader, an AgriTech start-up, an agri-supplier, a chamber of agriculture, a technical institute or an agri-food industrialist, a public body or a local authority, agricultural data is now, and will be even more so tomorrow, at the heart of your activities.

From the digital identity of farms to the valorization of agricultural data, through the management of consents, interconnection and secure data exchanges, our API-Agro and Agriconsent technology solutions and our Capdata service offer meet your needs and are at the center of the agricultural data value chain.

Agdatahub, the reference platform for the circulation of agricultural data

By and for the farming community

Founded by and for the agricultural world, Agdatahub is the leading player in the circulation of agricultural data in France and Europe in order to meet the food and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow. Our technological solutions are designed to guarantee the controlled use of agricultural data for innovation and consumer information. We use our expertise to serve a single ambition: to unite all the players in the sector to disseminate the value of agricultural data!


Sovereign technologies

We have developed a trusted technological infrastructure. This infrastructure is the result of a close partnership with leading French players: Orange Business Services (OBS), cloud and blockchain expert, IN Groupe (ex-Imprimerie Nationale) and Dawex, technological leader of data marketplace. This cross-disciplinary expertis eallows us to assert that Agdatahub is the trusted third party for the agricultural sector, the essential link in a successful digital and ecological transition.

Ready for september 2023

Agdatahub has anticipated the evolution of European regulations. Our solutions are compliant with the Data Governance Act (DGA), which dictates the principles of data governance and which is due to come into force in 2023, and compliant with the future Data Act, linked to the securing of data exchanges, which will be in force from 2025. In addition, Agdatahub is able to support projects related to agricultural data, according to the best practices of the code of conduct published by COPA-COGECA and its partners or the French Data-Agri charter. Translated with (free version)


With the digital transformation of the agricultural sector, new challenges are emerging. Agdatahub delivers on the promise of data protection and secure data exchange in a SaaS (Software as a Service) environment.

Agritrust blanc

A set of interoperable and secure modules dedicated to consents, from the identity of actors to the notarisation of collected consents: Agritrust.

The sovereign and secure platform for connecting issuers and purchasers of qualified data, in a framework of trust: API-Agro.

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Ready to secure, exchange and enhance agricultural data?