Use case

Structuring the wine industry around data

The players in this sector are faced with a high level of data heterogeneity and with a multitude of sources that are either inaccessible or difficult to access. Access to data and its secure circulation is a major challenge for the competitiveness of the industry, and is essential for consolidating the use of predictive tools, ensuring the sustainability of practices and improving the quality of harvests and wines.

Data sets used

  • Analysis data
  • Technical itinerary data
  • Data from connected objects


  • Players in the wine industry
  • Laboratories
  • Oenologists
  • Cooperatives
  • Wine merchants
  • Logisticians
  • Distributors
  • Public bodies (FranceAgriMer)
  • Processing partners (WinePilot and Vinotracker)

Solutions deployed

  • Access to the Agdatahub Exchange data intermediation platform
  • Management of authorisation requests to winegrowers for access to data and verification of validity


  • Easier sourcing and dissemination of useful data to meet the challenges facing the industry and winegrowers in terms of advice on improving yields and the quality of harvests.
  • Responding to the challenges of wine marketing segmentation and new regulatory requirements for digital nutritional labelling
Matthieu Pasquio
02- Champ carré