Use case

Data to support CSR objectives

cas d'usage lait

A dairy cooperative works with several heterogeneous data sources from internal and external players. This data is intended to be used to meet business requirements linked to CSR and the demands of its downstream customers. This cooperative would like support in identifying the data it needs, structuring its information flows with its historical partners and organising its data governance.

Data sets used

> Farming data
> Milk collection data
> Analysis results
> Farm management data
> Economic data


> Players in the dairy industry
> Dairy cooperative
> French livestock institute (Idele) 
> Livestock advice (Eliance)

Solutions deployed

> Data diagnosis and flow mapping
> Proposal of a functional architecture and data flows
> Support for the operational implementation of the use case through a functional prototype
> Manager for authorising farms to use their data
> Registration on the Agdatahub Exchange data intermediation platform 


> Production of more comprehensive quality audits and more reliable reports
> Regulatory compliance with data usage authorisations
> Responding to CSR issues, particularly carbon

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