Use case

Industrialising the calculation of indicators

cas d'usage carbone

A food manufacturer wants to integrate data flows from different players in order to calculate its indicators for the traceability of the raw materials it buys. Structuring these data flows also enables them to meet their SBTI commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to promote their sustainability initiatives to their downstream buyers.

Data sets used

> Farm data from FMIS
> Weather data
> Données françaises et européennes
> Algorithm for calculating indicators


> Food industry
> Cooperatives / Merchants
> Plot management system (FMIS) 
> Farms

Solutions deployed

> Definition of the use case and the technical and functional environment required to run the indicator calculation algorithms, and the secure collection of associated data
> Data authorisation manager
> Registration on the Agdatahub Exchange data intermediation platform 


> Integrity of the data entered in the calculator
> Saves time managing and formatting data
> Automate the process of adding data to the calculator and reduce the resources allocated to this task
> Regulatory compliance
> Connection of data exchanges and consent system

Matthieu Pasquio