Use case

Interoperability of spraying data

Players in the agricultural machinery sector are working on the development of a common data repository to make data interoperable, for the various economic and environmental performance objectives of the farm and its partners, in the context of the application of new European regulations imposing the portability and interoperability of data between machinery operators and farmers (end users).

Data sets used

> Plot data
> Data on the use of plant protection products
> Declarative and administrative data
> Intervention data


> Players in the agricultural machinery sector
> FMIS as data providers 
> Public bodies, administrations
> Embedded software publishers

Solutions deployed

> Manager for authorising farms to use their data
> Agdatahub Exchange data intermediation platform 


> Optimisation of spraying operations
> Interoperability of the tractor console, calculation tools and OADs with plot management software 
> Better monitoring of equipment

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