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Agdatahub confirms its leadership in the intermediation of agricultural and agri-food data at the 2024 International Agricultural Show

Agdatahub, an operator for the circulation of agricultural and agri-food data within a secure framework of trust

Agdatahub has been identified as a key player in the "Better food" pillar of the French government's Green Nation plan, which highlights projects linked to carbon, traceability and regenerative agriculture. The company has set up a sovereign technological infrastructure based on secure transactions and trust between industry players.
Through its four services - Exchange, Consent, Connect and Capdata - Agdatahub is creating all the conditions necessary for the smooth, simplified and secure circulation of agricultural and agri-food data in France and Europe.

Agdatahub, data serving use cases

Through the use cases that will be presented at SIA 2024, Agdatahub is demonstrating that the conditions for success are now in place and that the real challenge lies in connecting all the players to this infrastructure, operated by and for the players in the agricultural sector, in line with the objectives of public policy and the sector.

For example:

  • facilitate and simplify access to agricultural data to enable the development of innovative services by software publishers, AgriTech start-ups, chambers of agriculture and research bodies, particularly in the field of Artificial Intelligence,
  • distribute accurate data on groundwater levels and soil quality to farmers, cooperatives, agri-food manufacturers and agricultural consultants, so that they can anticipate and forecast water requirements,
  • support and monitor the reduction of the carbon footprint associated with agricultural production,
  • access to the genetic characteristics of cattle breeds and the specific needs according to the age and stage of development of the animals, while respecting the consent of each breeder, to enable cattle feed to be adapted more finely,
  • or making the most of the information provided by winegrowers through the mass deployment of nutritional labelling in the form of a QR code on all bottles marketed in Europe from the 2025 campaign,

The solutions developed by Agdatahub as a future data intermediation service provider show that data must be used to serve concrete applications and meet needs that are clearly defined and identified by industry players.

Agdatahub, planning for tomorrow within the European data space dedicated to agriculture

Agdatahub plays a central role in the digital transformation and ecological planning of the agricultural sector in France and Europe.
To support players in the sector, Agdatahub has been identified as the Gaia-X flagship project for agriculture and coordinator of the AgriDataSpace consortium, which is responsible for prefiguring the deployment of the future Agriculture data space at European level.
For Agdatahub, anticipation is key, so that after the next European elections, the new European Commission will speed up the deployment of its data strategy initiated by the 4 founding European regulations, including the Data Governance Act (DGA) and the Data Act. These founding texts will enable European farmers to protect their data and maximise data transactions with their public and private partners, thereby helping to simplify the administration of their daily lives and improve their incomes.
More information about the consortium AgriDataSpace.

About Agdatahub SAS
Agdatahub operates its trusted third-party data intermediation platform dedicated to the agricultural and agri-food sector with its Exchange, Consent and Connect services. In support of these solutions, Agdatahub provides operational consultancy (project management, technologies, marketing) to support players in the agricultural and agri-food sectors in the use of their data with the Capdata service.

Matthieu Pasquio