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Agdatahub's infrastructure registered as an official data intermediary at European level

PRESS RELEASE • Paris, 4 june 2024 • The Agdatahub data-sharing infrastructure for the agricultural and agri-food sector has just been registered as a Data Intermediation Service Provider, a recent status resulting from European regulations.

Since 2020, Agdatahub has been deploying its technological infrastructure to players in the agricultural and agrifood sector, to simplify and secure the circulation of agricultural data within the sector. In the wake of the enactment of the SREN law (Sécuriser et Réguler l'Espace Numérique - Securing and Regulating the Digital Space), which adapts French law to recent European regulations on data and aims to boost confidence and competition in the data economy, Agdatahub has just been notified as a ‘Data Intermediation Service Provider (PSID)’ by Arcep (the French regulatory authority for electronic communications, postal services and press distribution) and entered in the associated European register.

The activity of data intermediation has been institutionalised at EU level in order to guarantee the controlled use of data and to balance the forces between players in a decentralised market. In the agricultural sector, the aim is to guarantee a climate of digital trust between the 400,000 French farms and their historical partners or the start-ups that are developing new digital services that can be data-intensive to operate, particularly with Artificial Intelligence.

The trusted third party for the farming and agri-food sector

The official awarding of this data intermediary status, regulated in France by Arcep, demonstrates the compliance of Agdatahub's infrastructure with European regulations and guarantees its ability to orchestrate simple and secure data transactions for its customers, serving numerous use cases in animal genetics, the beef industry, agrofuels, cereal logistics, environmental labelling, the wine sector, etc.

This registration in the central register is official recognition at French and European level of our role as a trusted third party in the agricultural and agri-food sector. Since 2020, we have been supporting our customers in the deployment of their use cases. To get farmers to embrace digital technology, the services on offer must help to improve their income and simplify their day-to-day lives, all in a climate of trust guaranteed by control over the use of data from their farms,

Sébastien Picardat, CEO Agdatahub.
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