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Cap Protéines: Numagri Traçabilité Soja use case presented

A major meeting was held on 31 May 2023 as part of the Cap Protéines programme. A poster on our use case dedicated to the Soya sector for Terres Univia was drafted.

Cap Protéines

Cap Protéines is a research, development, innovation and transfer programme of the Plan Protéines that lasted two years and was steered by two agricultural technical institutes: Idele (livestock farming) and Terres Inovia (vegetable oils and proteins and hemp sector).

The programme for the conference on 31 May, which brought together 200 people at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris, included speeches, round tables and about sixty posters. The purpose of the latter format was to present the work carried out on the five flagship Cap Protéines projects:

  • Evaluate and disseminate new varieties of high-protein legumes and oilseeds.
  • Increase the competitiveness and sustainability of oilseed and protein crop production.
  • Meet the food transition with local, sustainable and diversified products.
  • Develop protein autonomy for ruminant farms.
  • Share information from producer to consumer.

Enhancing the value of French production, from soya bean to animal or human consumption

C’est dans le cadre de ce dernier sujet « Partager les informations du producteur au consommateur », qu’Agdatahub a co-signé un poster avec Terres Univia. En effet, en tant que partenaire opérationnel de Numagri (association qui porte un projet de langage commun des données agricoles), Agdatahub a accompagné Terres Univia dans un cas d’usage « soja ».

Poster Agdatahub soja

In the context of collecting and disseminating data within the sector, the aim is to ensure that soya is better promoted by highlighting its specificity for the human food and animal feed sectors, while securing the transmission of data along the chain.

>> Download the poster Numagri project: data collection and dissemination throughout the supply chain, by Terres Univia and Agdatahub <

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