Use case

Reducing the carbon footprint within a food manufacturer

A biscuit manufacturer wanted to reduce the carbon footprint of its production plant and improve the traceability of its products. Aware of the urgency of the climate change situation and the growing expectations of consumers, the manufacturer wanted to adopt more sustainable practices and set up a system for monitoring its raw material supplies in order to comply with the new regulatory framework imposed by the CSRD Directive.

Data sets used

> Records of energy consumption and use of resources
> Production data
> Data on the origin of raw materials


> Food manufacturers
> Wholesalers / Distributors
> Logisticians 
> FoodPilot processing partner

Solutions deployed

> Deployment of data offerings on the Agdatahub Exchange platform
> Consumption of data by the FoodPilot processing partner to inform the agribusiness’s CSR trajectory 
> Management of authorisation requests to breeders for access to data and verification of validity
> Operational consulting and technical support


> Automated data transmission to a single point, Agdatahub Exchange, in compliance with farm authorisations
> With Agdatahub: reduced costs for data sourcing and maintaining the data exchange solution in operational condition
> Connecting data exchanges and authorisations
> With FoodPilot: Steering and deployment of sustainable actions in the industrial production tool and better remuneration for farms

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