Use case

Optimising logistics in the cereals industry

The various players in the cereals industry want to improve the economic and environmental performance of their logistics, which are currently poorly optimised (empty returns, bulk management, etc.). These players have grasped the benefits of working together by pooling their data exchanges within a private group on the intermediation platform, feeding data in a neutral and secure way into a processing and artificial intelligence application dedicated to logistics, while respecting their competitive stakes.

Data sets used

> Type of product and volume
> Loading and unloading logistics data
> Mode of transport and vehicle size
> Algorithm for calculating indicators


> Players in the cereals industry
> Cooperatives / Merchants 
> Port silos
> International merchants
> 1st transformation industrialists
> Processing partner: AI Cargo

Solutions deployed

> Mapping of existing data flows
> Deployment of business applications 
> Agdatahub Exchange data intermediation platform configured as a private group


> Anticipate future tensions on the availability of infrastructures and visualise the critical points of logistics flows in France, from collection silos to industrial customers or port silos
> Gain margin points on logistics costs by pooling and securing data exchanges 
> Make available the flow data transmitted by each link in the chain, while respecting the sensitivity of the information
> Mutualise the massification of data transactions within the cereals industry, to be cross-referenced with information on the infrastructures used (river, road and rail transport)