Bpifrance grants 3.2 million euros to Agdatahub

Published on 12.01.2021

What better news to start 2021? Agdatahub is the winner of the call for projects for the “support and transformation of the sectors: pooling of resources for the service of the sectors and digital platforms of the sectors”, operated on behalf of the Government by Bpifrance.

3.2 M€  will enable Agdatahub to move up a gear in the development of its solutions: the API-Agro data exchange platform and its tools about the consent of farmers to use their data.

Being the winner of the call for projects on the Support and Transformation of commodity chains gives a strong signal from the State on the relevance of our platform operated thanks to sovereign technologies. Our data exchange solutions, the API-Agro platform, and consents are designed to provide direct support to players in the agricultural sector in their daily digital relations with farmers and breeders“, says Sébastien Picardat, CEO of Agdatahub.

Download the joint Bpifrance-Agdatahub press release