Use case

Even better cattle feed

A feed manufacturer wants to optimise its supply chain by accessing data on the characteristics and nutritional requirements of cattle. This data is essential for developing feed formulations adapted to different phases of animal growth. However, manufacturers are finding it difficult to access this data, as it is dispersed between different sources and is not always available in a timely fashion.

Data sets used

> Nutritional characteristics of different breeds of cattle
> Specific nutritional requirements according to animal age and stage of development
> Data from breeders and research organizations


> Feed manufacturers
> Cattle breeders 
> Agricultural research organizations
> Breeding organizations
> Livestock advisory services

Solutions deployed

> Access to a ruminant platform and a catalog of available data offers
> Management of authorisation requests to breeders for access to data and verification of validity 
> Operational consulting and technical support


> Development of more precise feed formulations tailored to cattle needs
> Improved animal health and growth thanks to a more balanced diet, contributing to more efficient and profitable farms
> Reduce production costs and improve formulation processes
> Optimising herd feed and improving farm profitability

Matthieu Pasquio